Über Flüchtlinge und Menschlichkeit

Partielles Transkript der Pressekonferenz des Dalai Lama in Italien am 12. Juni 2014

Anmerkung: das Englisch des Dalai Lama ist jetzt nicht das yellow from the egg, aber wahrscheinlich viel viel besser als unsere Italienisch- oder Tibetischkenntnisse. Manch Wort war trotz zigfacher Hörwiederholung wirklich nicht zu verstehen, weshalb wir diese Stellen mit (???) markiert haben. Hinweise und Auflösungen werden natürlich gerne angenommen 😉

Auf dalailama.com findet sich eine Zusammenfassung der Pressekonferenz, aber keine wörtliche Abschrift.


of course, firstly, any refugee…
refugee means, they face some problems
so they are trying to escape from that problem.
so i think, no refugee as a holiday (????).
so very sad.
at the same time the country, like now Italy and Sicily,
a lot of the immigrants and refugees from North Africa,
some of these refugees from Syria,
really they are facing danger for their life.
but at the same time, too many, their host, in spite unhappiness, difficult to handle.
so it is these things
you see, we have to, difficult to say,
I think as much as you can, help. help them.
then you find limits, then tell them, now we can’t handle.
basically, we must pay more attention about their original area.
for example,
Africa, Northern Africa states, Muslim countries.
so, disharmony, religious disharmony (?),
and then, at the same time,
many of them, mainly due to economic difficulties,
so, since many years I always say:
this gap richer to poor
on global level also huge gap,
the northerner you have ????,
the southerner even basic necessities not adequate
so now this gap must be reduced
as within country the gap richer to poor must be reduced
so similarly on global level gap richer to poor must be reduced.
the poorer section must make effort with self-confidence
and then richer side must provide facility of education and training,
and provide some mechanics, like that.
so combining should reduce this gap of richer to poor
so long run, that’s the only way.
otherwise eventually, whole Europe will no longer be European country,
but African country,
or Asian countries.
so its much better to take some effort, some measure to the original area
Africa has a great potential, minerals, nature resources,
so, instead of fighting,
put more effort into economic development and education.
that’s my view, I often express that.


I think, all this problem essentially I consider man-made problem.
our own creation.
so logically those problems which essentially we created
we should have responsibility, moral responsibility
and also ability to reduce these problems,
eventually to eliminate these problems.
so these problems very much based on concept of „we and they“:
take every care!
„we, us, no other“ that’s actually the basis of violence.
„this is about other side“,
„this is about the value other’s life“.
then violence. kill.
this is too much of concept or emphasis of „we and they“
we need sense of one-ness of 7 billion human beings.
7 billion human beings, actually human brothers sisters.
and I think today, global warming, enormous issue,
then the global economy,
all these new phenomena teach us,
7 billion human beings must work together.

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